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WWE Raw: Is Kurt Angle about to retire?



Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin kicked off the second hour for this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Angle seemed like an afterthought in the Men's Royal Rumble on Sunday and he lost clean to Corbin after taking the Deep Six. Corbin also attacked Angle after the match was over.

Michael Cole wondered if that was the end of Angle's in-ring career. Since we've already gotten a couple of emails about Angle's WWE status, we'll address it here.

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We were told that there are plans for Angle at WrestleMania but they are clearly playing up that his in-ring career is coming to an end. Angle doesn't move as well as he used to because of his bad knees and this current run was never supposed to be for more than just a few matches. Of course, there's always the back and neck issues so that is another reason why the feeling in the company is that his in-ring days are winding down.