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WWE Raw: Is Kurt Angle going to retire?

Kurt Angle closed out the first hour of this week’s Monday Night Raw with an announcement to the fans. All week, WWE has been hinting that Angle might be retiring. Going into Raw, we heard rumors about Angle wrapping up his in-ring career with a final match at WrestleMania.

Angle talked about some of the major moments in his career and he talked about how the fans always got the opportunity to remind him how much he sucks with the “you suck” chants.

Angle said things lately have turned into doubt, defeat, and depression and things haven’t turned out for the best during his last few matches. Angle said that he wanted to prove that he still had it and he wanted to shut up guys like Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin but he knows that the one opponent he can’t defeat is father time.

Angle was interrupted by Corbin. Corbin said Angle is a broken down shadow of a man but Angle was willing to show him that he can still break someone’s neck. That is when Drew McIntyre walked out to the stage with a mic to rip on Angle for being a man with fear in his body.

McIntyre and Corbin walked to the ring and they were about to attack Angle but Braun Strowman walked out to help so it looks like we might be getting Strowman and Angle vs. McIntyre and Corbin soon and perhaps as soon as the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

As we noted earlier, we were told last week that whatever they are doing with Angle will go into WrestleMania. People close to him have acknowledged that his in-ring days are winding down.


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