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WWE Raw: Liv Morgan and Rusev crash Bobby Lashley-Lana wedding

The final episode of Monday Night Raw of the decade closed out with a wedding between Lana and Bobby Lashley. WWE hyped this as the biggest wedding of the century.

Lana was introduced by her first name with no last name. They went through the whole deal with the minister reading a script and Lana and Lashley reading vows to each other. Lana was upset at the fans who were cheering for Rusev.

Of course, just like with all wrestling weddings, this one did not end as the couple planned. A man walked out to the stage and objected to this “entire charade” because he felt it should not continue. The man said he is Lana’s first husband and he said she left him for Rusev and she will do it again for the next man. Lashley attacked him.

Just as they were about to make things official, a woman walked out to the stage and she claimed to be Lashley’s first wife. Lana took her out. They were finally about to make things official but this time, Liv Morgan walked out to the stage. She talked about being betrayed by Lana, apparently because they were in a relationship.

A fight broke out between Lana and Morgan. Then, Lashley appeared from a big cake in the ring and he took out Lashley and a big cake mess was made. Lashley and Morgan stood in the ring as the show ended. They went 11 minutes past the hour this week.


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