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WWE Raw match edited, blood not shown after Kairi Sane bump into steel steps



It looks like there were edits for the Kairi Sane vs. Nia Jax match that aired this week on WWE Monday Night Raw.

As noted over the weekend, Sane was bloodied after she was sent into the steel steps at ringside. Sane tried to avoid hitting her head on the steps but was unable to do so and she was reportedly "knocked silly," according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The match aired as scheduled but there were several shots of the NXT wrestlers in the crowd shown and there was no hint of the match being stopped. Instead, the match was edited in a way so that fans watching on TV did not see the blood and the delay in the action was also edited out. They also did not show the referee using a towel to clean the blood off of Sane's head. The belief from some of the people in attendance is that Sane was fine after the match but there is no confirmation on if she suffered a concussion.

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For what it's worth, someone who witnessed the bump told Meltzer that Jax should not be blamed since it looked like Sane had control over her own bump. Sane also took a nasty buckle bomb from Jax in a match a few weeks ago. That bump led to Vince McMahon banning the buckle bomb.

There are questions on whether Sane should have been back in the ring so soon since she was so close to Hana Kimra, who passed away just a few days before this week's Raw was taped last Tuesday. Sane was trying to reach Kimura after she learned of her self-harm photos that were posted on Twitter shortly before she ended her life.

Watch the clip below and you can judge for yourself if this was Jax's fault or if Sane was in full control of the bump into the steps.