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WWE Raw: Murphy and Seth Rollins split up, Aalyah Mysterio comes to the rescue

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins demanded an apology from Murphy. Earlier in the show, Murphy won a tag team match for himself and Rollins against Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo and Aalyah Mysterio had a talk with Murphy in the backstage area.

Rollins demanded an apology but Murhpy had enough and he attacked him. They brawled at ringside and Murphy proceeded to attack Rollins in the ring with a kendo stick as he demanded for Rollins to apologize to Aalyah.

Rollins said, “Aalyah, wherever you are, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Aalyah. I didn’t mean to bring her into this.”

Rollins convinced Murphy to back off but it was a trap because Rollins attacked Murphy’s eyes and then he attacked him several times with the kendo stick as Aalyah ran down to save Murhpy and to tell Rollins to back off. The rest of the Mysterio family made their way to ringside and they weren’t happy with Aalyah getting friendly with Murphy.

Rollins was shown smiling in the backstage area so there’s still a chance that all of this was just part of his ploy.

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