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WWE Raw online stream, Rock signs for a new movie, WWE Network commercials, & more

The USA Network app is live streaming their programming. From my understanding though, as of last week, Raw was blocked. Hopefully WWE and USA can come to a deal to allow Raw to stream online.

The Rock will be in the new Shazam! film as Black Adam. The film will be released in 2019.

Commercials for Pure TalkUSA have started airing on the WWE Network. As noted on Monday, the commercials will not air during shows. They will air before on demand programming and after shows. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all and it’s a smart move by WWE.

The company behind is offering to sell their domain name to WWE. Apparently WWE has been trying to get control of it. On the website it says: (Western Women Entrepreneurs) is not associated with (World Wrestling Entertainment) nor we have any intention to represent, sell or promote ANY wrestling goods. is a solo organization represents Western Women Entrepreneurs. we hold no trademark infringement towards WWE network nor using the domain in a bad faith.

if you are and you wish to file a complaint through UDRP to claim our domain, you may go ahead without notifying us. however if you still wish to obtain our domain, you may contact us with a reasonable offer in order to get a reply.

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