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WWE Raw ratings drop again for 10/28/19 show with Rusev, Lana, Lashley angle



This week's viewership for WWE Monday Night Raw came in at 2.13 million viewers, even though the competition from Monday Night Football was not as strong this week since the game was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the winless Miami Dolphins.

The main event segment on this week's show was Rusev and Lana in a "King's Court" segment where Lana accused Rusev of being a sex addict and cheating on her. The show closed with Lashley taking out Rusev and making out in the middle of the ring with Lana while standing over Rusev. The final hour of the show was the least-watched hour of the show. In fact, the third hour drew less than 3 million viewers.

WWE was constantly telling fans to stick around for the Lana/Rusev/Lashley segment but it's clear that many of them were not interested because they decided to tune out.

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Here is the hourly breakdown:

8 pm - 2.326 million viewers (Last week 2.48 million viewers)
9 pm - 2.146 million viewers (Last week 2.37 million viewers)
10 pm - 1.928 million viewers (Last week 2.18 million viewers)

Last week's show averaged 2.34 million viewers.