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WWE Raw ratings drop for post-Survivor Series episode

The post-Survivor Series episode of WWE Monday Night Raw did not get a ratings bump.

This week’s show was watched by 2.11 million viewers. That would be the lowest non-holiday number in many years and it’s a sign that there was not enough interest from the pay-per-view to get some extra fans to tune in.

The competition from the NFL was not so bad this week because the Baltimore Ravens vs. Los Angeles Chargers game was a 45-6 blowout and there was a 13 percent ratings drop from last week’s game so, in theory, the ratings should have increased for Raw this week not only because of the blowout game but because it was the night after a big pay-per-view. In prior years, WWE would get a nice ratings bump after Survivor Series.

WWE had the usual hourly ratings pattern with the third hour being the least-watched part of the show. This time, the first hour started out with just 2.24 million viewers.

Here is the hourly breakdown:

Hour 1 – 2.24 million viewers
Hour 2 – 2.19 million viewers
Hour 3 – 1.90 million viewers


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