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January 23, 2023
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Monday Night RAW. As always, we will have results posted immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results. 

Tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW: Bobby Lashley will challenge Austin Theory for the United States Title. The Bloodline to hold Tribal Court for Sami Zayn. Becky Lynch will battle Bayley inside a steel cage. RAW Tag Team Champions The Usos look to defend their titles against Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio of the Judgment Day. Plus many of the WWE Legends will appear. 

Our coverage begins at 8pm

The show opened with Hulk Hogan coming out with Jimmy Hart. He said we are celebrating 30 years of Monday Night RAW then, now, forever, together. 

Tribal Court with The Bloodline:

Paul Heyman acknowledged the crowd chanting ECW. He told Roman Reigns that ECW is dead and he wishes the same for Sami Zayn. The crowd chanted for Sami. Heyman said Sami is a Judas, a betrayer of the island of relevancy, and he has conspired with Kevin Owens since day one. He presented four pieces of video footage as evidence that painted Sami in a bad light. Sami said he didn't anticipate how he would feel, but it hurt's hearing Heyman say this after he had previously told hugged him and told him he loved him. Sami asked Paul if he really believes he is conspiring with Owens to take out The Bloodline. Sami said his defense is he has no defense. Roman Reign asked Sami if he has so much ego that he won't fight for this and he doesn't care now. He gave Sami opportunity after opportunity, let him in his family, and this is the respect he shows now and yelled, 'Solo.' Solo went behind Sami, put his hand on his shoulder, and was ready to give him the spike when Jey Uso stopped him. Jey said he put his own footage together.  He said Sami took many bullets for The Bloodline and he loves him like a brother. He said if you want to see Sami remain in The Bloodline, show your ones. Both Usos and the crowd did so. The crowd chanted Sami Uso. Reigns said he finds Sami not guilty, for now. He told Jey to thank him because he bought him more time. In the meantime, he said to finish out tonight and then he doesn't want to see him again until The Royal Rumble as that is when Sami will deliver his final test as that is when we will see if he is really Bloodline or not.

RAW Tag Team Title Match: The Usos (c) (with Sami Zayn) vs The Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Dominik) (with Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley)

Jey Uso went to climb the turnbuckle. Finn Balor tripped him and was caught by the referee who ejected him. Jimmy Uso flew over the ropes onto Damian Priest and appeared to injure his leg/knee. The ref gave the "X" sign. Adam Pearce came out and said if he can't continue, they would have to forfeit the match and the championship. Zayn told Pearce to let him defend the titles with Jey and Pearce agreed to it. Sami gave Dominik an exploder into the turnbuckle. He was going for the Helluva kick, but Ripley jumped up on the ring apron which distracted the referee. Priest came from behind and gave Sami the South of Heaven. Dominik got a two count on Sami. Dominik was going for the 6-1-9 on Sami, but Jey intercepted him with a superkick and gave one to Priest. Ripley then entered the ring and Jey almost superkicker her. Riley challenged him to hit her. Dominik dropkicked Jey from behind and gave him the 6-1-9. He gave him a frog splash off the top rope, but Sami made the save. Jey and Sami gave Dominik the 1-D and Sami pinned him to retain the titles. 


JBL was with Baron Corbin and saw The Godfather. Godfather asked JBL who's the stooge with him. JBL said they are there for the poker game. Godfather said Corbin is not on the list. JBL said maybe he can speak to the owner. Godfather knocked on the door and Ron Simmons came out. Simmons and JBL hugged and Simmons asked who the stooge was with him. Simmons said Corbin is not on the list. Corbin handed Simmons a wad of money and Simmons and Godfather said they just found Corbin on their list.

In ring interview: LA Knight

LA Knight said Bray Wyatt brought back the Firefly Funhouse but he is not afraid of that. He told Wyatt to come down, but The Undertaker's gong sounded, but then his American Badass music played. Undertaker entered the ring and Knight went to the outside of the ring. Knight said he is going to give Undertaker a pass and let him live to see another day and enjoy his family, but he wants him to watch the Pitch Black match at Royal Rumble because after that match, they are going to be calling him the Lord of Darkness. The lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared behind him. Wyatt slowly walked towards Knight back to the ring. Knight entered the ring and Undertaker was going to choke slam him, but Undertaker threw Knight to Wyatt who gave him Sister Abigail. Undertaker then whispered something into Wyatt's ear and left. Wyatt looked concerned.


The pker game was on with The Alpha Academy, Baron Corbin, DDP, and Alundra Blayze. DDP won the hand.

Cage Match: Becky Lynch vs Bayley (with Dakota Kai & IYO SKY)

Damage Control attacked Lynch before the start of the match outside the ring. They threw her in the cage and locked the door as all three were pounding on Lynch. Adam Pearce came down to try to stop it, but the cage was locked. Pearce then got bolt cutters and got in the ring to check on Lynch as Damage Control climbed to the top of the cage. No match took place.

In the ring: DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dog, X-Pac) and Kurt Angle

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Road Dogg did his DX intro and when he went to say, The Bad Ass...he turned and saw Angle. He asked Angle what he was doing there. Angle said he always wanted to be in DX. Angle took off his shirt to reveal a DX shirt. As Triple H was ready to say, Let's get ready to suck it, Imperium (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Givovanni Vinci) showed up. Gunther said DX is making a mockery of the sport and he is here to restore honor and kick them out of their ring. Triple H got in Gunther's face and then comically said he's retired. Michaels said he's too old, so he's not doing it. X-Pac said he has a really bad case of shin splints. Road Dogg got two words out and then said he's not fighting. DX huddled up and then said, Kurt said he would fight you. Kurt said no he won't. Triple H said they're in a jam and wishes somebody would come out and fight them. Seth Rollins music hit. X-Pac said well that's one on three and The Street Profits' (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) music hit. Triple H said we have three on three. If only we had somebody that could make sense of this. Teddy Long's music hit and he ordered a match with Imperium against The Street Profits and Seth Rollins. Michaels said we need a special referee. As DX huddled up to come up with a ref, Kurt Angle pulled the DX shirt off and revealed a ref's shirt.

The Street Profits and Seth Rollins against Imperium  

Jerry Lawler helped commentate on this match. The Street Profits both had an ankle lock on Vinci and Kaiser, but Vinci managed to make the take to Gunther. Gunther chopped both Street Profits and had a staredown with Angle. He started yelling at Angle and poking him in the chest. Angle pushed him and Rollins forearmed Gunther out of the ring. Rollins gave Gunther the Angle slam and a pedigree. Rollins gave Vince the curb stomp and pinned him.

Backstage: Poker game

Corbin won a hand over Ted DiBiase. DiBiase angrily left the table. As Corbin was picking up the pile of money, IRS showed up and told him not to forget to pay his taxes. IRS started piling the money into his briefcase. IRS said you can keep this (a hundred dollar bill). Corbin asked if that was it and DiBiase reappeared and said, 'Everybody's got a price.' Simmons showed up and said, 'Damn.'

Backstage interview: Bobby Lashley

Lashley said tonight's match with Austin Theory is a no DQ match. Lashley mentioned that he would still be United States Champion if it wasn't for Brock Lesnar. MVP showed up and said he believes what Lashley just said. Lashley told MVP he didn't need his help or Omos' help to become the number one contender and he doesn't need his help to win the title.

Ric Flair said the WWE has given him so much, but the greatest gift they've given him is the opportunity to watch his daughter exceed all his goals. He then introduced Charlotte as the greatest woman's champion in the history of WWE.

In ring interview: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair said she knows she's the SmackDown Women's Champion, but RAW will always be her home. This brought out Bianca Belair. Belair said she respects Charlotte, but RAW is her home now. This brought out Sonya Deville. Charlotte said she owes Sonya for the cheap shot last Friday, but told Belair if she would like to handle Sonya as this is her show. Belair said it is her pleasure. 

Bianca Belair vs Sonya Deville

Belair defeated Deville with the KOD. Belair then said this was a preview of what she's going to do to Alexa Bliss at the Royal Rumble. She can bring Uncle Howdy or Bray Wyatt, but nobody is going to stop her from winning the match. Bliss appeared on the video wall. She said she is Bianca's obstacle and if everybody would leave her alone, she would not have to keep reminding her of that. She said she doesn't need Uncle Howdy or Bray Wyatt or anyone to tear her face with her bare hands. She will spare her eyes so she can watch her walk out champion at the Royal Rumble.

Video package: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes said being in the ring is like oxygen and he really needs to breathe again.

In the ring: The Miz

Miz asked where is his Miz TV or his championship match on this night. Kevin Owens came from behind and gave him the stunner. Owens said he may have found Sami Zayn not guilty but Reigns is guilty holding the title hostage for two years, and at The Royal Rumble, he is giving everybody his word that he will do everything to change that and give everybody a champion they can be proud of. He said he will keep fighting until he has nothing left and will take the title or die trying. He then gave The Miz another stunner.

United States Championship No DQ: Austin Theory (c) vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley slammed Theory through a table in the ring. Brock Lesnar's music played. Lesnar got in the ring and gave Lashley and F-5. He then gave Theory an F-5 on to Lashley. With Theory on top of Lashley, the ref counted the pin. Your winner and still champion, Austin Theory.