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WWE Raw: Rusev and Lana divorce is final, Bobby Lashley goes through a table

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw opened with the divorce segment. Jerry “The King” Lawler hosted the segment that featured Lana and Rusev signing their divorce papers.

It was announced that the “distance provision” in her restraining order against Rusev was temporary lifted so he could be in the same ring with her. Lana said that she used to love him even when the WWE Universe was not on his side but he let success get to his head and the support from the fans got to his head. She also blamed the fans for the failure of their marriage.

Rusev tried to sign the papers first but Lana interrupted and insisted on signing the papers first. They argued over who gets the dog and then she called him a Bulgarian “son of a b*tch.” Before he signed the papers, Rusev said he wants a match with Bobby Lashley.

Lashley said that he would ask Lana to marry him after the divorce is finalized. Lashley attacked Rusev but Rusev fought back and then slammed Lashley through the table in the ring.

No match was announced but the plan has been for Lashley vs. Rusev at WWE TLC so the match could be announced later.

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