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WWE Raw: Sasha Banks is not returning Bayley's calls


In a exclusive backstage video (later shown on Raw), Bayley was shown on the phone leaving a voicemail for Sasha Banks.

Apparently, Bayley has not been able to get a hold of Banks on the phone.

This could be one of two things. Banks is either not ready to return or WWE is playing off the rumor and innuendo from the last few days.

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As noted, Dave Meltzer reported that Banks tried to quit during WrestleMania weekend. A WWE source confirmed the story to us and they are were hoping that the time off would get her to change her mind.

For whatever it's worth, Banks did send out a tweet with WWE-related hashtags on Monday afternoon so that could indicate that things have smoothed over and she'll be back on WWE TV soon.

Bayley teamed up with Naomi to face The IIconics on Raw.

Check out the backstage segment below: