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WWE Raw segment botched, what Lana was supposed to say



The weird angle involving Lana, Bobby Lashley and Rusev continued this week on WWE Monday Night Raw.

During an in-ring segment, Lana announced that Rusev has been served with a temporary restraining order and she served him with divorce papers. As a result, Rusev was nowhere to be see this week.

During her promo, it sounded like Lana screwed up her lines and she tried to cover by saying that being with her new man Lashley got her flustered. Dave Meltzer obtained a copy of the script from that segment and he confirmed that some of what she said was botched.

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Meltzer said, "she was supposed to say 90 miles, she was not supposed to say 90 days. Lashley was supposed to correct her and then she would say 90 feet." Meltzer added, "But somehow, she said 90 days, which she wasn't supposed to say. So she did in fact screw up. I thought that the 90 miles had to be a screw up but in fact, that line was part of the script."

It was a minor screw up but that is what can happen when every word is scripted instead of allowing wrestlers to remember bullet points.

As previously noted, Lashley and Rusev will eventually have a match and they have been wrestling at the live events where all of their matches have ended in a disqualification. However, their first TV match is not scheduled until next month. Click here for news on the top matches scheduled for the WWE TLC pay-per-view.

As far as the long-term plans for this angle, I am told that things will end with Rusev looking good in the end and I was told that the storyline will continue after next month's TLC pay-per-view. So, if you are a fan of this storyline, then you can expect more of this on Raw for at least the next couple of months.