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WWE Raw star is back to using his old gimmick and theme music



While Dolph Ziggler takes a break from WWE for his comedy tour, Robert Roode is wrestling singles matches at the live events.

At the show on Saturday night, Roode surprised fans when he reverted back to his old "Glorious" gimmick. Roode got a full "Glorious" entrance and he did all of the in-ring poses from his days in NXT.

This may be a temporary thing until Ziggler returns but it's worth noting that Roode seems to be more over with the "Glorious" gimmick. If Vince McMahon notices, then perhaps he will be allowed to use it on the main roster. Roode also briefly used the music in March during his return to NXT.

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Under the "Glorious" gimmick, Roode became one of the most popular wrestlers on the NXT brand and he was booked to win the NXT Championship. The gimmick got watered down when he moved to SmackDown in 2017.