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WWE Raw star is going to turn heel soon



In recent weeks, a lot of undercard wrestlers have been getting more TV time, especially the wrestlers that are considered to be Paul Heyman guys.

I was told that people backstage have been trying to convince Vince McMahon that more should be done with Apollo Crews and that is why he's been given so much TV time in recent weeks. Furthermore, I was told that the plan is for him to turn heel.

"They are turning him. He was going to turn on [Chad] Gable before Vince decided to move him back to Raw," said the source.

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Another thing I was told (and this could be related to Crews) is that there has been a push to make MVP a manager of a stable. I was not told that Crews would be in the stable but it would make sense if the idea is that MVP wants to show Crews and other underutilized wrestlers that they can be top stars as long as they follow his guidance.

Crews, along with Cedric Alexander, Ricochet and a few others were pushed down the card in the past year after McMahon got tired of them. It looks like he has been convinced to give them another chance with Crews in line for his biggest push since moving up to the main roster.