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WWE Raw star may be working while injured

It’s not uncommon for WWE Superstars to work while hurt. Bobby Lashley is currently working with a separated shoulder and others have various nagging injuries. Jinder Mahal worked with a shoulder injury last year during his run as WWE Champion and it looks like those shoulder issues are back.

As noted on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, the word is that he may be working hurt. Mahal’s push has cooled down considerably this year since his title reign but something has been off about him in recent weeks.

“He hasn’t been looking so good in his recent matches,” Dave Meltzer said. “I think he has a shoulder injury too so that doesn’t help.”

Keep in mind that Meltzer was the first to break the news last year about Mahal’s shoulder injury last year several weeks before it became obvious at live events when began to wear Kinesio tape during his matches.

For whatever it’s worth, Mahal has been posting photos of himself in the gym without tape on his shoulder but that could be just to hide the injury.

Mahal lost to Apollo Crews on this week’s Monday Night Raw. He is a long way down from the mega push he received last year that was tied to WWE’s attempted expansion into India.

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