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WWE star moving to NXT, another NXT wrestler called up to the main roster



On Tuesday’s episode of NXT, Mandy Rose made her return as she appeared on the stage to watch the singles match between Sarray and Gigi Dolin, which resulted in Sarray going over.

Rose did a brief backstage segment with The Robert Stone Brand and then later in the show, Aliyah and Jessi Kamea lost to Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro.

Post-match, Aliyah snapped and blamed their troubles on Robert Stone so she attacked him. Franky Monet, who has had some interactions with the group in the past, came out and got Kamea and Stone to leave with her. WWE then had a segment with Monet, Kamea and Stone where they were asked if we will be seeing Aliyah with the group moving forward.

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Monet noted that The Robert Stone Brand will no longer have to worry about Aliyah. Rose appeared once again and said it looks like The Robert Stone Brand is now under new management. reported Rose is no longer on the active Raw roster and is in NXT going forward.

WrestleVotes also reported there was seemingly a trade between NXT and Raw that saw Rose go back to NXT while Aliyah is now on the main roster. Thus, it appears the attack by Aliyah on Stone was a way to write her off TV.

The report stated, “while I’m not sure why, source says it seems like a trade went down between rosters: RAW trades Mandy Rose to NXT for Aliyah.”