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WWE Raw star taking some time off?

It looks like Nia Jax may be taking some time off from WWE…or at least it looked that way based on what happened to her on Monday Night Raw.

This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, Shayna Baszler defeated Jax with a chokehold submission but she was not done. After the match, Baszler stomped Jax’s elbow several times into the steel steps and referees ran out to stop the attack.

Baszler looked on with a conflicted look on her face but the damage was done as the announcers said that she “crippled” her former tag team partner.

Plans can always change but WWE usually does angles like this whenever they are writing someone off or when someone needs to take time off. At the very least, it looks like Jax will be off TV at least for a couple of weeks.

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