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WWE Raw storyline has been dropped



If you have been watching WWE for a long time then you know that some storylines can just stop with no explanation given and it's usually because Vince McMahon decided to go in a different direction.

One recent storyline that was randomly stopped was the story with Charly Caruso and Angel Garza. A fan brought this up on Twitter and Caruso confirmed that the story has ended with no conclusion.

She tweeted: "It also randomly stopped."

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Garza was also courting "The Bachelor" contestant Demi Burnett but she hasn't been seen on Raw since early September when she was confronted by several Retribution members in a backstage segment. was told that there were plans for Burnett to stick around longer. One idea that was pitched was to build towards an in-ring Bachelor-inspired segment where Burnett would finally choose the man she wanted to be with. Burnett had also expressed interest in training and getting in the ring but we were not told if that was something that was in consideration by WWE.