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WWE Raw Superstar wants a push after being buried for months

WWE Superstar EC3 has been silent about his lack of a push on the main roster but he can send a message on social media by being subtle.

Perhaps, he just wanted to hop on a swing a post a photo of himself or he is sending a message to WWE that he needs a push in order for fans to take him seriously…at least that is how most fans are taking it, according to the comments underneath his post.

Aside from a victory over Dean Ambrose in early February, EC3 has been relegated to dark matches and some live events but he has not been treated like a star since moving up to the main roster.

No word on what exactly is going on behind-the-scenes but we first reported many weeks ago about EC3 being in the doghouse and Vince McMahon not wanting to put time into getting him over to the WWE fans. It could be because there is heat or McMahon simply does not see him as a star, which would be hard to believe since EC3 has the look McMahon likes. Perhaps, it could be because McMahon found out what the “C” in EC3 stands for?

Some of his previous posts are of him getting beat up by various WWE Superstars.

Check out his post below from his Instagram account. One of the comments is from Robert Strauss (Robbie E), who worked with him in Impact Wrestling. He wrote, “Like I didn’t see this coming.”


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