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WWE reached out to AEW about using their wrestlers for non-scripted content

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

The rivalry that AEW and WWE have is much different from what WWE had with WCW years ago. AEW is positioned more as an alternative to WWE as they present a much different product. AEW did go head-to-head with WWE NXT and won most weeks in total viewership and the key demo rating. When AEW went up against WWE’s flagship show, SmackDown, in October when the show aired on FS1, it was a 30-minute head-to-head competition that AEW won in the key demo. 

Tony Khan revealed during an appearance on My Mom's Basement with Robbie Fox that he recently heard from WWE about potentially using AEW wrestlers for interviews on non-scripted content.

Earlier this year, Chris Jericho appeared on the Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin despite being under contract with AEW. They even talked about Jericho’s decision to leave WWE to join All Elite Wrestling.

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Khan said, "I heard from them recently. They were doing a lot of biographies and they wanted to use some of the people here and I think that's the thing, it's probably going to come out sooner or later in interviews, or they want to interview some of the people that wrestle here that used to wrestle there, and some people that have had a history in [promotions with] the other libraries that they own. So we'll see, you know, I think — I'm open to talking. I heard from them and they were very nice. We've heard from [WWE] a couple of other times.”

Khan stated it made sense to him to allow Jericho on Austin’s show because he trusts both of them and Austin is a friend of his. He continued by stating that as long as everything is classy, which happened in the case of Jericho's appearance, then he has nothing bad to say about it.

He said he is considering the requests for AEW stars to appear on the WWE produced biographies. Khan added that he has yet to talk to Vince McMahon. You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:

H/T to Fightful for the transcription