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WWE receives new trial date to fight claims over using Randy Orton’s tattoo design in a video game



Tattoo artist Catherine Alexander brought forward a lawsuit against WWE and Take-Two Interactive Software, which is the publisher of the WWE 2K series of video games.

Alexander believes that since she did tattoo work for Randy Orton that was originally used for faux sleeves and later portrayed in a video game, she should receive money from those consumer products. She alleged that she contacted WWE to negotiate for any reproductions of her work, but in her words, the person she spoke with told her that she had no grounds about the matter.

In October 2020, an Illinois federal judge issued a partial summary judgment that WWE and 2K Games had copied her work. It was slated to go to trial in February and later June of last year, but kept but pushed back.

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Fox 2 Now reports WWE and Alexander will head to trial on September 4th.

The trial will try to figure out whether the defendants had the right to use the work in the game as a copyright fair use or if Alexander has grounds to receive money for her work being used. The suit also seeks damages and recovery of court costs.