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WWE referee Drake Wuertz was suspended earlier this year, his duties reduced

Drake Wuertz, who works for WWE as a referee on the NXT brand, has been known to be controversial due to his actions outside of the ring.

It turns out he had his duties were reduced in recent months. Fightful Select reports Darryl Sharma has taken the role of the head referee in NXT, which Wuertz once was. Wuertz had been considered to fill the role of timing matches within NXT, but it was given to Scott Armstrong, who had been furloughed for a brief time. Road Dogg was instrumental in getting his brother back into the fold.

Wuertz was also not offered the backup timing position, which can also lead to doing the timing of matches for 205 Live, but DA Brewer has taken over those duties.

It was stated, “Wuertz was either formally or informally suspended earlier in 2021, and wasn’t allowed at the Capitol Wrestling Center for better or for worse for a short period of time.”

Last November, Wuertz took to Instagram to respond to allegations that he is a supporter of the Proud Boys and Q-Anon. It started when David Bixenspan posted an article that featured screenshots showing Wuertz on Parler supporting posts from the Proud Boys group.

The group describes themselves as “proud Western chauvinist” who “refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

When this article came out, it was stated that several higher-ups in WWE were “horrified” by what they read. On Wednesday, a video of Wuertz giving a speech at a County Commissioner’s meeting made its way online. He was backstage at Wednesday’s NXT TV event while giving the speech.

The meeting was about mask mandates and he made the case for why mandates make child sex trafficking easier. When he returned to the Capitol Wrestling Center, where WWE airs NXT TV, it was said he “had subdued many mannerisms that got him “substantial heat” with many.”

Those in NXT are surprised he’s still employed and some fear that his radical beliefs may have actually helped him from being fired.

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