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If you are wondering if The Rock is returning for WrestleMania season, no one in WWE will confirm it but some new merchandise on will only add fuel to the rumors about The Great One returning in the very near future. has new hoodies up with The Rock's Brahma Bull logo on them. Since the company doesn't regularly drop Rock merchandise these days, one has to wonder if they are preparing for him to return sometime within the next week or two.

WWE announced this week that Roman Reigns and The Bloodline will be holding an acknowledgment ceremony at the Raw XXX show in Philadelphia and the elders will be there. For what it's worth, the merch drop may not mean anything at all and it simply could be the company capitalizing on the nostalgia around the Raw XXX show. You can check out the new Rock hoodie below.

During his interview on Bill Simmons podcast, Nick Khan was asked about The Rock returning for WrestleMania and Khan said he would not confirm or deny the rumors. 

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