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WWE releases new shirt based on Roman Reigns ‘Needle Mover’ jab at CM Punk

WWE has released a new t-shirt that was based on a comment Roman Reigns made about CM Punk a few months ago. The Roman Reigns “Needle Mover” shirts are currently up now in several sizes at

In August, when news broke that CM Punk was about to debut for AEW, BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani asked Reigns about wrestlers who leave and then come back and get the main event spot. Helwani specifically mentioned John Cena and Punk. Reigns addressed the question and talked about certain wrestlers complaining about top guys taking spots.

Reigns said, “Those statements are coming from bitter people who thought they were better than they really were. When it comes down to it, CM Punk was not as good or over as John Cena, he wasn’t as good or as over and moved the needle like The Rock. It was what it was. From a full-time performer, I understand the frustration and wanting more but like I said before, you gotta take it. I’m a full-time performer but I’ve done everything that needs to be done to stay in this position, to be in this position, to continue to make the opportunity for myself, to be in the main event at SummerSlam against John Cena…”

Later that month, Matt Riddle told Bleacher Report that he doesn’t believe that Reigns moves the needle and that he could beat him up in a real fight.

Those comments reportedly “ruffled some feathers” in WWE. Dave Meltzer said the following in August about Riddle on Wrestling Observer Radio: “In real life, his mouth gets him in trouble a lot including this last week. It’s not like it’s gonna hurt his push because Vince [McMahon] likes him and everything, but he ruffled some feathers again with his comments on Roman Reigns where he said in a real fight he could beat him up and how Roman Reigns isn’t a needle mover. Essentially, those were based on Roman’s statements about Punk, which did not age particularly well.”

Fans may point to Riddle’s comments as the inspiration behind the shirt but the first time Reigns talked about being a Needle Mover is when he referenced CM Punk.

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