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WWE removed negative crowd reactions during Seth Rollins Raw segment

Seth Rollins

There are reports from fans in Manchester, England who say that there were heavy edits for this week's episode of Raw. Fans who attended the show say there were heavy boos for Seth Rollins' segment but on TV it sounded like he was getting heavily cheered.

Someone sent a message to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live about the crowd edits. Alvarez said, "Apparently the Rollins segment was so heavily edited, they used crowd reactions from the October 28 Raw for the cutaways."

He continued, "Listen when I was watching that last night, Seth Rollins said something and they cut to a shot of the crowd cheering. Then when they cut back to him, everyone was all of a sudden sitting down again."

Alvarez continued, "You can go back and watch it. He makes some comment and they cut to a shot of the crowd which looks totally different from the crowd when he's doing the rest of his speech. Go back and watch it. I'm not making this up, I remember that."

Several people on social media have backed up what Alvarez said. TalkSport's Alex McCarthy was at the show and noted that Rollins' "I think I am the best wrestler on the planet" line was booed but on TV you could not hear the negative crowd reaction.

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Another person said Rollins had to wait a minute and a half to start his promo because so many people were booing him. If true, then that was also edited off the show that aired on Monday night.

It also sounded like there were also edits for the Lana-Lashley-Rusev segment. According to multiple fan reports, the segment was heavily booed but the negative crowd reaction did not come through as strong on TV. You could hear the boos on Raw but fans in Manchester said Lana had "go away" heat instead of heel heat because the segment did not come across well.

Here is a tweet that describes the negative reaction for the Lana-Lashley-Rusev segment.

The canned crowd reactions have been a thing in WWE for decades, dating back to the 80s when they would pipe in crowd noise on their weekly syndicated shows and taped episodes of Saturday Night's Main Event. They would continue to do that on taped episodes of Raw and SmackDown. It's not so common these days since most of their main shows are live and it's harder to fake the crowd reactions but apparently Vince McMahon took the opportunity to control the crowd noise this week for the taped Raw in Manchester.

Here is Rollins' segment: