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WWE reportedly has reached out to several AEW wrestlers

Vince McMahon AEW

The war between AEW and WWE continues to heat up and now WWE is looking to sign away some up-and-coming talent.

Fightful reports that WWE has reached out to several wrestlers who have been featured on AEW Dark shows.

AEW features a mix of contracted and unsigned talent on the Dark shows with the idea being that they are being given a spotlight on a big stage. Those tryout matches have caught the eye of WWE executives.

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Ben Carter impressed executives and fans several weeks ago when he appeared on some Dark shows and a late-night episode of Dynamite. Not long after his last appearance, he was signed by WWE and is expected to start with them soon.

It's unclear who else WWE has their eyes on but it won't be a shock if many wrestlers from previous and future Dark shows get offers as WWE continues to stack their roster.