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WWE reportedly has tried to help ACH (Jordan Myles) with his issues weeks before he ripped the company

Your guess is as good as anyone on how WWE will handle the situation with ACH (aka Jordan Myles).

This week, he announced that he has quit WWE but there is no indication that he has been granted a release. That means that he can’t work anywhere else in wrestling until the terms of his contract are fulfilled.

Dave Meltzer reported this week in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE has very much tried to help him weeks before he went public with his issues. Meltzer noted that it was around that time when he disappeared from Orlando. He also noted that he has been in contact with at least one promotion about wanting to appear for them. Again, wrestling elsewhere is not going to be possible unless WWE grants him a release. I can’t see another company taking the risk of booking him unless they know for sure that he is legally able to wrestle outside of WWE.

As you can see below, he is back on Twitter under the name @ACHisSuper and based on the photo posted, it looks like he has plans to step in the ring again on the independent scene in the near future.

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