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WWE reportedly in talks to buy Ring Of Honor

WWE composite (ROH logo)

WWE composite (ROH logo)

We are looking at one of the major stories of the year if this deal goes through. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that WWE and Sinclair Broadcasting Group are in talks about a potential buyout of Ring Of Honor. SBC is ROH's parent company and apparently, the talks to sell ROH to WWE have been ongoing since January.

The word is that talks have been slowly progressing and if the deal goes through then WWE would completely take over the company. The idea is to air ROH programming to the WWE Network. As noted several months ago, WWE sent out a survey to select fans on their mailing list asking if they would be interested in seeing other promotions on their streaming service. They have also looked into pricing tiers for limited content on the lower priced tiers and no commercials on the $14.99 tier with everything in their on demand library included...including indy promotions.

Discussions could always fall through just like the discussions WWE with Dixie Carter last year about buying TNA but it's a pretty significant news story.

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If the deal goes through, it will be interesting to see who WWE opts to pick up from the ROH roster.