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Sources deny story about WWE buying ROH (updated)

UPDATE: Earlier, we incorrectly attributed quotes to Joe Koff. The post below has been updated. The “there is no story here” quote came from Carroll’s sources, and not Joe Koff. The revised post is below.

Despite the Pro Wrestling Sheet report stating that there are secret discussions about WWE possibly purchasing Ring Of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting Group, multiple sources told CBS Radio’s Carroll that there is nothing to that story.

A source said, “there is no story here.”

That doesn’t mean that the door is closed to do business with WWE. Joe Koff was quoted as saying, “I’m always open to any conversation.” He added, “We do business with them if they want to do a DVD or VOD if they need footage from early matches they do come to us. We are open to work with them on that basis because it doesn’t hurt us. It actually helps us.”

Earlier this month, Carroll asked about the possibility of ROH streaming on the WWE Network. Based on his response, it doesn’t look likely. “No, no, no, no,” Koff said. “It’s very flattering and humbling to us. It validates what we’ve done. A lot of their current performers and stars are ROH guys and we have their history. So maybe the content of the backstories of Kevin Steen before he became Kevin Owens or AJ Styles’ run in Ring of Honor, Tyler Black (aka Seth Rollins), Claudio (Castagnoli aka Cesaro) … all of the guys who have wrestled for us. We have their backstory and where it began… That’s our content.”

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