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WWE reportedly threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t break up with Alberto Del Rio

The relationship between WWE and Alberto Del Rio is apparently worse than we thought. On the recent MSL and Sullivan podcast on MLW Radio, Mister Saint Laurent and Kevin Sullivan discussed Alberto Del Rio’s departure from WWE. As noted earlier, there were promises made to Del Rio and he was originally told that he would be a main event player with Paul Heyman as his manager. That obviously did not happen. MSL claimed that WWE proposed a 6-month extension and a bump in pay for Del Rio so that he could appear with Paige on Total Divas.

MSL claimed that WWE had an issue with Del Rio and Paige’s relationship. He said, “Mark Carrano, who fans might know from Total Divas, kind of like the office liaison guy, approached Del Rio and Paige individually and harassed each of them about their relationship. It was indicated that the office wanted them to sever their romantic relationship. A lot of people speculated [if] this why the company split them up in the draft and that is definitely what happened. The company did not want them together. They split them up in the draft by design and they threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t break up with Del Rio.”

It’s strange that WWE would have an issue with them as a couple especially when you consider that there have been dozens (maybe hundreds) of real-life couples in WWE over the years and many of them have gone public with their relationship. I would normally dismiss this as a weak rumor but keep in mind that Del Rio is friendly with the staff of MLW Radio and it’s unlikely that they would spread a false rumor about him. Del Rio appeared on MLW Radio in June to give his side of the story of the incident with Paige in Las Vegas.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking below:

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