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WWE reportedly wants to bring back a former Intercontinental Champion



If he accepts a deal, then a former Intercontinental Champion could be on his way back to WWE.

During an interview with Hannibal TV, Savio Vega noted that WWE has reached out to Carlito to see if he is interested in returning to the company.

Vega said, "They tried to get Carlito back. I talked to him last week when I was with him. I said brother, go there and get a contract and get whatever money with higher … every year because you're not gonna get that kind of money on the street."

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This is not the first time Carlito has turned down an offer from WWE but now with All Elite Wrestling competing with WWE, he's likely to get a better offer this time.

The 40-year old Carlito gets regular bookings around the world. He recently worked a show for the WildKat Revolution promotion in Louisiana and he works shows for WWC in Puerto Rico. He appeared on ABC's "The Goldbergs" this week along with Hulk Hogan.

Carlito, if he agrees to terms, would be on his way back to WWE while his brother Primo and cousin Eddie are apparently on their way out. As noted earlier, Savio Vega said they are finishing up with the company or they could already be done but it has not been announced yet.

Carlito was signed to WWE's development system in 2003 and debuted on the main roster in 2004. In addition to the Intercontinental Title, he's a former United States Champion, WWE and World Tag Team Champion. He finished up with WWE in 2010.

Here is a photo posted on his Instagram that shows him on the set of ABC's "The Goldbergs."