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WWE resists subpoena in Bray Wyatt divorce case



As expected, things are getting messy with the Windham and Samantha Rotunda divorce case. Windham Rotunda is WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. Chris Harrington at was able to obtain court records that showed that, last month, WWE was served a subpoena in Connecticut court to submit documents related to Wyatt's pay. They were also requested to appear for a deposition. Samantha Rotunda wants WWE to produce these documents related to her husband's "income and earning capacity" because they would be relevant to issues around alimony and child support.

WWE responded by saying that the requests were "abusive, harassing, overboard, and would cause WWE undue or unreasonable burden or expense" and if they complied then their "conservative estimates" for complying would cost them "$247,500 to $483,000."

For those of you not following the case, Samantha Rotunda filed for divorce back in April and she alleges that her husband cheated on her. It was later revealed that Wyatt was dating WWE ring announcer JoJo.

Documents, dating back to February 2011, being requested include:

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Tax Returns
Financial Statements
Banking Information
Loan Applications
Credit Cards
Pension Plans
Real Estate
Personal Property
Mortgages and Notes
Fictitious Names
Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements
Employment Records/Contracts
Fringe Benefits
Disability Pension
Powers of Attorney
Safe Deposit Boxes

WWE has agreed to produce Wyatt's "1099s, booking contracts and some licensing contracts subject to the objections" but they said that they would need specifically trained review attorneys to "collect, process and review the WWE’s electronically-stored email information."

On September 22, 2017, "Memorandum of law in support of motion to compel compliance with subpoena" was filed by Samantha's attorneys with the intent to show that WWE is acting in "bad faith" and attempting to "intimidate an individual litigant from conducting discovery and learning her husband’s true financial picture."

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