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WWE Royal Rumble results: Edge and Beth Phoenix defeat The Miz and Maryse



Beth Phoenix made her return to the ring at the WWE Royal Rumble as she teamed with her husband Edge to take on The Miz and Maryse.

Notes from the match:

Maryse and Beth started the match but Maryse ran away and tagged in her husband. Miz hit several offensive moves on Edge in the first few moments of the match and Maryse slapped Edge with the referee wasn't looking.

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Beth eventually tagged in and she got her hands on Maryse. Beth had Maryse pinned but Miz knocked Beth off to break up the pin but Beth didn't take kindly to that and she picked up Miz and drove him into the corner. She followed up with a flurry of kicks and punches. Maryse hit Beth with the loaded purse as the referee wasn't looking but Beth kicked out of the pin attempts.

They did a double clothesline spot and that led to a hot tag to the man. There was a combination powerbomb from Beth, followed by a top rope elbow from Edge but Miz was able to kick out. Maryse took out Beth at ringside as Maryse took out Beth at ringside. A distraction from Maryse caused Edge to miss a spear. Maryse then hit Edge with a hurricanrana. Maryse hit Beth with a DDT and Miz hit the skull crushing finale but Edge kicked out of the pin attempt. Beth recovered and took out Maryse. Both Edge and Beth hit a double spear on Miz. Beth and Edge both hit the Glamazon slam on Beth and Miz and they both pinned them to win the match.

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