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WWE Royal Rumble results: live coverage



WWE Royal Rumble 2019
January 27, 2019
Chase Field
Phoenix, AZ

We are live with ongoing WWE Royal Rumble coverage. We'll have live results throughout the night so remember to refresh this page or click here if you are having issues seeing updates after the refresh.

During the Kickoff show, 205 Live GM Drake Maverick announced that Rezar wants to compete even though Akam is injured so a match was made. Rezar and Scott Dawson will take on Bobby Roode and Chad Gable in a non-title match.

Kickoff Show

Rezar and Scott Dawson vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable
Roode and Gable won so, as of now, there is no tag title match for AOP or The Revival in the near future.

United States Championship
Rusev (Champion) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Nakamura won the United States Championship again. Late in the match, Lana got up on the ring apron and she got in Nakamura's face. Rusev charged at Nakamura but he moved and Rusev accidentally knocked Lana off the ring. The distraction allowed Nakamura to hit the running knee to the head and he got the pin.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Buddy Murphy (Champion) vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami vs. Kalisto
Lots of fast-paced action but the crowd wasn't into the match until the last couple of minutes. Murphy won with Murphy's Law on Itami to retain the title.

Main Card

SmackDown Women's Championship
Asuka (Champion) vs. Becky Lynch
Very good match. The finish had tons of submissions and counters into other submissions. Asuka won clean with the Asuka lock that turned into a bridge.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Bar (Champions) vs. The Miz and Shane McMahon
This was a crazy match. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Sheamus and McMahon hit a shooting star press onto Cesaro for the win. New Champions.

48,193 fans in attendance, according to Michael Cole.

Raw Women's Championship
Ronda Rousey (Champion) vs. Sasha Banks
Late in the match, Banks tapped to the armbar but the tap didn't count because they were outside of the ring. Rousey hit several punch combinations but she was favoring her shoulder due to the damage done earlier by Banks. Banks was able to lock in the Banks statement while using part of her attire to wrap around Rousey's face. Banks then locked in the Fujiwara armbar but Rousey broke out and she countered into a gutwrench suplex. Rousey rolled through to get Banks on her shoulder. She hit Piper's Pit and pinned Banks to win the match.

Beth Phoenix was introduced as the special commentator for the Women's Royal Rumble match.

Women's Royal Rumble

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Some notes... Zelina Vega hid under the ring for a while. Hornswoggle appeared and she ran into the ring and was eliminated by Rhea Ripley. Lana walked out with her ankle heavily taped because she was selling the angle from earlier. Nia Jax attacked her as she made her way to ringside. Becky Lynch and demanded to be allowed to take Lana's spot. Fit Finlay approved it so Becky entered the match. The final 4 wrestlers were Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Nia Jax. Lynch and Flair were the final two. They teased that Lynch might not continue because her knee was injured at ringside by Jax but Lynch got in the ring and fought back to eliminate Flair.

Order of entry:

  1. Lacey Evans
  2. Natalya
  3. Mandy Rose
  4. Liv Morgan
  5. Mickie James
  6. Ember Moon
  7. Billie Kay
  8. Nikki Cross
  9. Peyton Royce
  10. Tamina
  11. Xia Li
  12. Sarah Logan
  13. Charlotte Flair
  14. Kairi Sane
  15. Maria Kanellis
  16. Naomi
  17. Candice LeRae
  18. Alicia Fox
  19. Kacy Catanzaro
  20. Zelina Vega
  21. Ruby Riott
  22. Dana Brooke
  23. Io Shirai
  24. Rhea Ripley
  25. Sonya Deville
  26. Alexa Bliss
  27. Bayley
  28. Lana (Becky Lynch took her spot)
  29. Nia Jax
  30. Carmella

Order of elimination:

  1. Liv Morgan by Natalya
  2. Mickie James by Tamina
  3. Nikki Cross by The IIconics
  4. Billie Kay by Lacey Evans
  5. Peyton Royce by Lacey Evans
  6. Xia Li by Charlotte Flair
  7. Tamina by Charlotte Flair
  8. Sarah Logan by Kairi Sane and Natalya
  9. Mandy Rose by Naomi
  10. Naomi by Mandy Rose
  11. Lacey Evans by Charlotte Flair
  12. Maria Kanellis by Alicia Fox
  13. Alicia Fox by Ruby Riott
  14. Candice LeRae by Ruby Riott
  15. Kairi Sane by Ruby Riott
  16. Kacy Catanzaro by Rhea Ripley
  17. Dana Brooke by Rhea Ripley
  18. Zelina Vega by Rhea Ripley
  19. Sonya Deville by Alexa Bliss
  20. Ruby Riott by Bayley
  21. Rhea Ripley by Bayley
  22. Io Shirai by Nia Jax
  23. Natalya by Nia Jax
  24. Ember Moon by Alexa Bliss
  25. Alexa Bliss by Carmella and Bayley
  26. Carmella by Charlotte Flair
  27. Bayley by Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax
  28. Nia Jax by Becky Lynch
  29. Charlotte Flair by Becky Lynch

WWE Championship
AJ Styles (Champion) vs. Daniel Bryan
This entrances for this match began at 9:49 pm eastern so it's clear that this match is not going to end by 11 pm eastern. Bryan won the match thanks to an attack on Styles from the returning Erick Rowan while the referee was knocked out. Looks like this could be the start of a stable if they include Luke Harper.

WWE Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (Champion) vs. Finn Balor
This match didn't officially start until 10:33 pm eastern.

Balor immediately attacked with a dropkick, kicks, and punches in the corner. Balor's offensive flurry continued for another 30 seconds until Lesnar caught him with a belly-to-belly suplex and another one outside of the ring and another one a minute later in the ring. Lesnar was favoring his ribs after getting rammed into the corner of the announcer's table

Lesnar went for an F5 but Balor countered into a DDT and almost got the pin. Balor dove onto Lesnar at ringside once and then a second time. He followed up with third dive on Lesnar at ringside. Balor hit the Coup de Grace and almost pinned Lesnar but Lesnar grabbed the arm and locked in the kimura submission. Balor tapped out.

Lesnar attacked with German suplexes and the F5 after the match.

Men's Royal Rumble

Elias kicked things off with a song and vowed to start and finish the Rumble. Curt Hawkins hid under the ring during this match. Titus O'Neil went after Hawkins under the ring and then in the ring. Hawkins sidestepped O'Neil so O'Neil eliminated himself. No Way Jose was eliminated immediately. Michael Cole said that it may have set a record. Bobby Lashley attacked Seth Rollins at ringside and then slammed him through one of the announcer's tables. Nia Jax attacked R-Truth as he was walking to the ring. Jax entered the match. Jax took a superkick from Ziggler and a 619 from Mysterio. She also took the RKO from Orton. Andrade and Ziggler were left in the ring but Rollins and Strowman were still in the match. The final 4 were Strowman, Ziggler, Andrade and Rollins.

Order of entry

  1. Elias
  2. Jeff Jarrett
  3. Shinsuke Nakamura
  4. Kurt Angle
  5. Big E
  6. Johnny Gargano
  7. Jinder Mahal
  8. Samoa Joe
  9. Curt Hawkins
  10. Seth Rollins
  11. Titus O'Neil
  12. Kofi Kingston
  13. Mustafa Ali
  14. Dean Ambrose
  15. No Way Jose
  16. Drew McIntyre
  17. Xavier Woods
  18. Pete Dunne
  19. Andrade
  20. Apollo
  21. Aleister Black
  22. Shelton Benjamin
  23. Baron Corbin
  24. Jeff Hardy
  25. Rey Mysterio
  26. Bobby Lashley
  27. Braun Strowman
  28. Dolph Ziggler
  29. Randy Orton
  30. R-Truth

Order of elimination

  1. Jeff Jarrett by Elias
  2. Kurt Angle by Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Jinder Mahal by Johnny Gargano
  4. Big E by Samoa Joe
  5. Elias by Seth Rollins
  6. Titus O'Neil by Curt Hawkins
  7. Curt Hawkins by Samoa Joe
  8. Shinsuke Nakamura by Mustafa Ali
  9. Johnny Gargano by Dean Ambrose
  10. No Way Jose by Samoa Joe
  11. Xavier Woods by Drew McIntyre
  12. Kofi Kingston by Drew McIntyre
  13. Dean Ambrose by Aleister Black
  14. Samoa Joe by Mustafa Ali
  15. Apollo Crews by Baron Corbin
  16. Aleister Black by Baron Corbin
  17. Pete Dunne by Drew McIntyre
  18. Bobby Lashley by Seth Rollins
  19. Baron Corbin by Braun Strowman
  20. Shelton Benjamin by Braun Strowman
  21. Jeff Hardy eliminated by Drew McIntyre
  22. Dolph Ziggler eliminated Drew McIntyre
  23. Mustafa Ali by Nia Jax
  24. Nia Jax by Rey Mysterio
  25. Rey Mysterio by Randy Orton
  26. Randy Orton by Andrade
  27. Andrade by Braun Strowman
  28. Dolph Ziggler by Braun Strowman
  29. Braun Strowman by Seth Rollins