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WWE says a new faction is coming tonight on Monday Night Raw



As written earlier, there are plans for a new faction to appear tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE confirmed this news on their website. According to, the faction is "arriving tonight" and there are "rumblings" around the Performance Center that the group is set to "cause chaos" and "shake up the organizations structure."

Nothing else was said other than a teaser for what this may mean for the Raw brand. The verbiage on makes it sound like this faction is unrelated to MVP's "Hurt Business" faction that currently includes Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin.

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As written several times here on, there is pressure to get the ratings up as Raw viewership has dipped to record lows in recent months. Some of that is attributed to the pandemic but many have said that the creative direction needs to be freshened up. Ratings have dropped even further since Paul Heyman was relieved of his duties. Tonight is WWE's chance to get some buzz around the product.

Also, as noted earlier, there has been legitimate chaos behind-the-scenes at Raw with Vince McMahon said to be in a "volatile" mood. Click here for more on the story.