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WWE seemingly forgets current SmackDown Live story at India live show



Jinder Mahal is the Modern Day Maharaja and he's a pretty tough boss. If you need any proof of this fact, just ask The Singh Brothers. After losing a match against AJ Styles recently on SmackDown Live, Jinder Mahal put both Singh Brothers to rest with a Khallas and neither of them landed very well with the move either. It seemed Mahal was cutting ties with the former Bollywood Boyz.

But when Jinder Mahal made his grand entrance at the house show in India, it was like The Singh Brothers never left his side. They did all their same routine for the live crowd in Dehli who ate it up and it seemed like all was well and good with Mahal and the Singhs for the Indian crowd like nothing ever happened.

After all, Jinder Mahal has laid waste to the Singh Brothers in the past for upsetting him. So maybe this little beatdown he gave them after that embarrassing loss in a handicap match against AJ Styles was simply another wake-up call. We'll have to see what Road Dogg and the Blue Brand creative guys will do with this story next week.

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It is rather odd/unfortunate timing how WWE took the WWE Championship off Mahal just before Survivor Series two weeks before he was supposed to represent his people in India. But apparently, WWE didn't see that much of a boost in ticket sales in India with Mahal as champion so they decided what was best for business was Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles at WWE's November Classic. (By the way, if you'd like to read up on everything Survivor Series 2017, just check out my handy new book, it's both entertaining and highly informative).

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