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WWE seems to be fully committed to the new version of Keith Lee



It looks like the "Bearcat" nickname for Keith Lee will be used going forward and it wasn't a one time thing when he was introduced on Monday before Raw. The name is likely a tribute to legendary wrestler Bearcat Wright.

According to fans at the show, Lee was once again referred to as Keith "Bearcat" Lee during his dark match before tonight's episode of SmackDown.

Lee has been winning squash matches in the last few weeks and he has been kept off TV because WWE wanted to tweak his character. Lee has also been growing out his facial hair.

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Recommended Articles first reported several weeks ago about discussions to have Lee turn heel. Dave Meltzer later reported that it was pitched to have Adam Cole manage him. Cole later said that he was not aware of that pitch but he confirmed that there was talk of changing his name.

It's not clear if there are still plans to have Lee re-debut as a manager but the facial hair seems to hint that the idea to turn him heel is still on the table and it seems like they are fully on board with the character makeover since they've been dedicating to much time to him in the dark matches.

Check out the clip below of Lee being announced as Keith "Bearcat" Lee.