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WWE sends out list of banned words to their WrestleMania promotional partners

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WrestlineNewsCo Composite

If you watch WWE TV every week, you already know that the company has a list of words that cannot be used on their shows.

The list has continued to grow over the years and some of the companies they work with are aware of this as well. That is why wrestlers are referred to as "WWE Superstars" during media appearances and oftentimes the word "fans" is substituted for "WWE Universe" because of Vince McMahon's desire to brand everything.

Fightful was able to get a copy of the list of banned words that were sent out to promotional partners ahead of next weekend's WrestleMania 36 pay-per-view. Some of the terms have been known for years but others may surprise some people.

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The list of banned words are:

- Blood
- Choke
- Belt
- Strap
- Diva
- Head shot
- Trauma
- Kayfabe
- Mofos
- House show
- DQ
- The Anti-Diva
- Spinal Injuries
- Victim
- Violence/violent
- Wrestling/wrestlers
- Wifebeater
- Curb stomp
- Needs a push
- To be over
- Babyface
- Heel
- To job/jobber
- Card
- Strangle
- Kill
- Murder

There are a few others that were not included on the list. For example, "weapons" is another word that is not allowed on WWE TV and oftentimes they used the word "Toy" or "Toys" as a substitute.

The guidelines laid out to promotional partners also stipulate that they are not to mention rumors or speculation about the show and the accounts are only supposed to reply to fans in the comments under posts.