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WWE sends out scholarship and financial planning opportunities to former talent

WWE began sending letters this week to former contracted talent offering them a number of options to help them adjust to life after their careers are over. The letter stated that WWE is going to be offering debt assistance and financial services, in association with a third party firm, to anyone that has ever been contracted with the company in the past. This includes all wrestlers, referees, announcers, managers, etc. This would help them with debt issues and help get them on their feet. This would be offered free of charge to them.

The letter also states that the are offering $5,000 scholarships per semester for talents that would like to pursue college. Talents that wish to enroll for the upcoming semester need to enroll by August 1st. This is a great move by WWE.

One thing not mentioned in the letter is that the company is also looking at giving talents mandatory time off. That's still something that is in the discussion stages and will not happen this year but it's possible that this could be implemented in the next year or two.

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