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WWE sets up Roman Reigns' next opponent for TLC pay-per-view



This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Kevin Owens took on Jey Uso in the main event. This match was made because Owens was not happy about Uso attacking Otis with a chair earlier in the show. Owens also got in the face of Reigns. Uso was out to prove to Roman Reigns that he could get people to fear him.

The match ended with Uso getting disqualified because he decided to bring a chair in the ring and hit Owens with it as Reigns and Paul Heyman looked on from the backstage area.

Uso was about to put Owens through a table but Owens recovered in time to hit Uso with a Stunner before sending him through the announce table. Owens also hit Uso with chair shots. Owens then mocked Reigns and said that this is happening because of him. Owens then proceeded to hit Uso several more times with the chair.

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Owens then said that if Roman has a problem with him then he can say it to his face. The show ended with Reigns looking down and Heyman looking on as they faded to black. It is clear now that Reigns vs. Owens will be the next feud for the Universal Championship.

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