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WWE showing interest in AJ Styles?

WWE has greatly changed their thinking on AJ Styles, according to the latest report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Styles, who considers New Japan Pro Wrestling his home right now, has never wrestled for WWE except for a couple of tryout matches in the early 2000s. He is under contract to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Since NXT is now considered a touring brand, they are looking to get as much top quality talent for 2016. Styles is 38 years old but is having some of the greatest matches in his career so he could be a huge asset to NXT if he and WWE ever came to terms at some point. Triple H said in the most recent NXT media call that they would be open to the idea of having two NXT touring brands at some point.

Obviously, things would have to make sense for Styles financially for anything to happen with WWE. He is probably making three or four times more than what guys in NXT are making right now and he has more freedom to pick and choose when he works outside of New Japan Pro Wrestling. The NXT touring is lighter than the main WWE schedule and they work a lighter style so that may be something that would appeal to him.

Again, WWE seems to be open to the idea of bringing in AJ Styles at some point. That's not to say that it will happen but at least it's a start. Styles has said in the past that he'd go to WWE if they made the right offer.

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