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WWE signs MMA fighter to NXT contract

NXT is a place for WWE to create the perfect Superstar and they’re always looking for new people to bring in and mold into the perfect idea of what they see for the future of the company. At this point, NXT and the WWE Performance Center should be looked at as a highly successful experiment as they’ve been able to create several Superstars out of other industries who possessed potential in sports entertainment.

Nicolai Salchow is a 33-year-old German MMA fighter with a 6-1 record and plenty of impressive skills. WWE recently signed him to a contract and the plan is for him to start at the WWE Performance Center in January. He’s already made the move to Orlando Florida and now only time will tell how far he’ll be able to go.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Salchow’s signing is not typical of the kind of person WWE used to look for. Vince McMahon often thought MMA fighters couldn’t handle WWE’s rigorous travel schedule and Salchow’s age, language barrier, and size could have presented a problem in the past. But at 205 pounds, he might find himself as an amazing addition to any number of current WWE stories, including anything going on with the 205 Live landscape.

Only time will tell how long Salchow will stay in NXT or what WWE’s plans are for him. But he’s certainly got enough skills to warrant our attention.

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