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WWE slashes ticket prices for Raw at UBS Arena in Long Island as AEW Dynamite closes in on sell out in same venue

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE has slashed their ticket prices for the Monday Night Raw event in Long Island, NY on November 29.

WrestleTix reports that WWE has sold/distributed 3,130 tickets so far and that is after they announced that Roman Reigns would be appearing. Current ticket prices are now lower than AEW ticket prices in most (if not all) sections.

AEW Dynamite has sold/distributed 7,639 tickets thus far and they are closing in on selling out. They have sold/distributed 79 percent of the allotted tickets.

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The UBS Arena will officially open on November 20 and WWE Raw will be the first wrestling event at that venue. A few days later on December 8, AEW will air a live Dynamite broadcast and they will tape an episode of Rampage.

AEW's strong ticket sales in Long Island come just weeks after they sold more than 20,000 tickets at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY, making AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam was the most attended wrestling event in New York City in decades.

WrestleTix tweeted, "Just noticed a major shift in pricing for the WWE event. In some cases the prices have been cut in half. Previously upper decks were $30+, some are now available for $15. More in the morning."