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WWE slows down on plans for Eva Marie’s big push towards the NXT Women’s title

WWE has made the call to slow down on plans to give Eva Marie a megapush. The original idea was to push her and ultimately have her win the NXT Women’s title. She might not have won it on her first try but she would have won the title at some point. WWE’s idea was to keep pushing her as she kept improving in the ring and fans earned her respect. She’s obviously not ready.

The new plan is to build Asuka and Dana Brooke to challenge Bayley after the next Takeover show. The brand now has a reputation for great women’s title matches so they are hopeful that they can contiue this with Bayley vs. Asuka matches.

WWE still hopes that Eva, Broke and Alexa Bliss, who they want as their stars in the Women’s division, can continue to improve so they can get to the point of being able to have good matches with Bayley. If they need somoene that can have good matches with Bayley, i’d like to suggest Emma. I think she can tear the house down if she’s given the chance but Asuka is a great choice as well.

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