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WWE SmackDown 2/28/17 results: AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper, Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James



Show: WWE SmackDown
Location: Saint Paul, MN at the Xcel Energy Center
Date: 2/28/17
Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We see Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon watching the ending of the battle royal from last week. AJ Styles walked in and said that the match ended in a tie. Styles said that his feet touched the ground first and wanted out of the match. Bryan said that Styles would wrestle Luke Harper tonight. Styles mocked Harper, who walked in and stood behind him. Styles left, and Harper thanked them.

The Miz walked out to the ring with Maryse for Miz TV. Miz introduced John Cena, who walked out to the ring. Miz wanted Cena’s mic to be cut because he will tell Cena when he can talk. Miz has issues with Cena for costing him so many opportunities in the past. Miz said that Cena is at the top of the mountain the WWE and it’s not because he is good but because Cena plays people. Miz said that he is more talented and works harder than Cena. Miz said that he is the other guy because of Cena. He brought up main eventing and beating Cena at WrestleMania. He thinks Cena is jealous of him and that he is not the only person who see through it. Miz said that Cena is a hypocrite because he criticized The Rock for going to Hollywood and then he went and did it. Miz said that Cena is taking more time off than ever and that they can’t see him. The fans chanted at Cena that he sold out. Miz said that Cena is a joke and is not super Cena anymore but rather decent Cena. Miz is tired of Cena for wanting to be in WWE and then in Hollywood. Miz said that he is the one who is doing the media and making SmackDown great. He didn’t like that Cena was given a WWE Title match at Royal Rumble and make history. Miz said that Ric Flair is still the greatest of all-time. Miz said that he eliminated Cena last week because he wanted Cena to feel his pain for not main eventing WrestleMania. Miz told Cena that he can talk now. Cena said that is the best The Miz can do because Miz is saying the same thing that people have been saying for ten years. Cena said that he doesn’t take opportunities from everyone. Cena said that if he holds the string in WWE, then he wouldn’t be facing The Miz but rather The Undertaker. Cena said that it’s easy for Miz to blame him. Cena said that half of the fans would boo him while the other half cheer him. Cena said that the ones who like him believe that he has a heart. Cena asked who the hell was The Miz because the fans know him. Cena mocked Miz for being on the Real World and stole Chris Jericho’s personality then stole Flair’s Figure Four Leg Lock then Bryan’s offense and personality. Cena said that Miz had been reduced to saying what Styles has been saying about him for the last six months. Cena said that The Miz has no clue who he is. Cena said that if you ask all of the greats they will tell you that they are themselves while in WWE with the volume turned up and that The Miz is a shell of a Superstar. Cena said that he had been knocked down, but he stands up and keeps fighting while Miz blames everyone else. Cena told him that the next time they talk to not bring a knife to a gunfight because The Miz is not The Undertaker but if he presses him again, then he is a dead man. Maryse told Cena not to leave until they tell him. Maryse said that Cena is not half the man of Miz and Cena has a big ego. Maryse then slapped Cena. Cena told Maryse that she made the biggest mistake of her life, which led to Nikki Bella running out. Maryse and Miz walked through the crowd. Bella told Maryse that if she is going to mess with her man, then she is going to break a bitch.

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Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match: Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James.

They lock up and exchange quick roll ups to begin the match. Lynch kicked James to the floor to send us to break.

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We’re back with James in control of Lynch. James landed a series knee strikes, but Lynch fought back with clotheslines and a drop kick. James with some elbows and tossed her into the corner. James hit a big DDT for the first fall.

First Fall: James.

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James is still control of Lynch and hit a flapjack. James went to the top rope and missed a dive, and Lynch rolled her up for the second fall.

Second fall: Lynch. We’re all tied up.

James jumped her and landed a series of kicks. Lynch hit a suplex. Alexa Bliss walked down to the ring. Lynch sent James into Bliss and Lynch locked in the Disarmer for the win.

Winner: Lynch.

Harper cuts a promo in the back about how after tonight Wyatt will be afraid of him.

Bray Wyatt cuts a backstage promo about what he will have to say tonight about Randy Orton. Wyatt said that he is the God that you know.

-Commercial Break-

Alexa Bliss did a promo backstage about winning the SmackDown Live Women’s Title last week. Natalya walked up and congratulated her on her big win last week and brought up beating Bella last week. Natalya said that they’re both championship Superstar material. Natalya vowed to take the title away from her.

Styles was interview by Renee Young about facing Harper tonight. Styles said that he lost last week but noted that he would beat Harper tonight to go on to main event WrestleMania.

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-Commercial Break-

#1 Contender’s Match: AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper.

They lock up, and Harper hit a drop kick. Harper sent Styles into the barricade then back into the ring. Harper hit a series of right hands then a clothesline while on the apron. Harper hit a front senton then a big boot for 2. Harper hit an outside dive.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Styles pinning Harper after hitting a springboard forearm shot, but Harper’s foot was on the bottom rope. McMahon walked out and restarted the match. Harper and Styles exchanged quick roll ups. Styles got in the face of McMahon and Harper accidentally kicked McMahon. Styles sent Harper face first into the ring post. Styles hit the springboard 450 splash for the win.

Winner: Styles.

Styles trash talked McMahon as he walked to the back.

Cena and Bella were about to be interviewed until Carmella, and James Ellsworth walked up. Ellsworth told Bella not to talk to his friend like that. He said that Bella is a phony. Carmella said that Total Bellas should be called Total Phonies. Cena challenged Ellsworth and Carmella to a mixed tag team match.

-Commercial Break-

We see Bryan talking with Styles backstage and said that Styles is where he belongs which is the main event of WrestleMania. Styles refused to shake his hand.

Dean Ambrose walked out and hit Dirty Deeds to Curt Hawkins. Ambrose cut a promo about Baron Corbin. He said that messing with him is a very bad idea. Corbin appeared on the big screen. Ambrose challenged him a fight tonight. Corbin said that Ambrose is a speed bump slowing him down and vowed to run him over. Corbin vowed to take everything from him. Ambrose promised that they’re far from over.

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Chairs Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews:

Crews attacked Ziggler while he was making his entrance. Crews tossed in chairs into the ring, but Ziggler caught him with a neck breaker to send us to break.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Crews hitting a back moonsault to Ziggler with a chair. Crews suplexes him on a chair for 2. Ziggler poked him in the eye and sent Crews throat first then groin first into the chair for the win.

Winner: Ziggler.

Post-match, Ziggler talked trash to Crews then left the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Wyatt walks down to the ring and said that something happens to a man when he feels like he is going up against a guillotine. He said that Styles will feel the spirit that is above him and the spirit of his master. He said that he comes from a place where Orton is at right now. We see Orton in a shed and he said that he is where the devil sings Wyatt’s praises. Orton said that it’s Wyatt’s world and not his and never was. Orton said that once you join them and it’s the right time screw them. Orton said that this is Wyatt’s temple and the Sister Abigail. Orton said that Abigail was put to rest underneath his feet. Orton got a hatchet and asked long has it been since the maggots been eating away Abigail. Orton said that all is left of her is spirit and that Wyatt is exposed now. Orton said that he would burn the spirit of Abigail. Orton said that he would be the master and Wyatt being the servant. Orton stopped the chair from rocking and poured gas all over the shed. Orton said that he is coming for Wyatt and his title at WrestleMania. Orton said that Wyatt is about to hear Abigail scream just like when she took her last breath. Orton set the shed on fire while Wyatt lost it in the ring. This closes the show.

Thanks for watching along and we will see you next time.