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WWE SmackDown Live (4/30) draws record-low viewership


The alarming ratings decline continued this week and a new record-low was set on Tuesday night.

WWE SmackDown Live drew just 1.833 million viewers. This beats their previous record low (1.841 million).

It is clear that big changes need to be made to the overall product if WWE expects to keep fans from tuning out every week. It's crucial for them to get the viewership up by the Fall in time for their move to FOX because there is no guarantee that they will remain on that network if FOX is not happy. They do have an option to move them to FS1 if they feel it's necessary and, at this point, WWE viewership is below what FOX currently does on Friday nights.

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Last week's SmackDown Live was watched by 2.072 million viewers.

This week's episode of Miz & Miz at 10 pm eastern drew 840,000 viewers.