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WWE SmackDown Live extending to three hours?

If you think three hours of Monday Night Raw every week is too much wrestling then you won’t be happy about an extra hour being added to SmackDown Live. It’s not confirmed and no deal has been reached but there are talks going on for this to happen.

Dave Meltzer talked about this on Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

“That’s just speculation but there is a chance because the feeling is since they have to film anyway and 205 Live is just kind of a waste of air then maybe what they’ll do is 2 hours from 8 to 10 on Friday nights and then do hour number 3 from 10 to 11 on FS1,” Meltzer said. “The idea is they can get another 50 million per year off of Fox by getting that extra hour.”

Bryan Alvarez asked if this is just speculation or if people are actually talking about this. Meltzer said, “it’s not like it’s a done deal by any means but it’s more than me throwing out an idea. It’s being talked about. In the financial community, they are expecting it.”

Why would Fox want to do this? The reason for that is because they need more live sports programming on FS1 after they lost UFC. From a fan perspective, this may seem like overkill. The one positive for the wrestlers is this would mean more time on TV for wrestlers that are underutilized because of the overcrowded roster.


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