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WWE SmackDown Live star trolls fans once again

The perils of being a WWE Superstar can sometimes be an infinite roller coaster ride. You might be on top of the world one moment but then after your big match creative just can’t figure out what to do with you. Another thing that can hinder your progress is an injury.

Rusev went down with an injury either before or during his March 5th WWE Fastlane loss to The Big Show. After that he disappeared from television but was promised to debut on SmackDown Live once he returned thanks to the Superstar Shake-Up. Since coming back to SmackDown Live he lost to John Cena, and he lost to Randy Orton at SummerSlam even though that feud is still taking place.

As we look forward to Hell In A Cell we can only imagine Rusev and Randy will tangle once more but is that enough for The Bulgarian Brute? There were some rumors recently saying Lana and Rusev were unhappy in WWE and Handsome Rusev had already asked for his release. Although those rumors seem to have been debunked, Rusev’s social media message last night certainly threw more fuel to that fire but it was most likely on purpose.

Rusev obviously loves riling up the fans and this was probably no different. He’s got a great sense of humor and loves getting people talking. This kind of tweet is totally expected from a guy like Rusev if you’ve had any exposure to the true man behind the tough exterior of The Bulgarian Brute. In interviews and on Total Divas he’s quite the cut-up and always looking to lighten the mood.

So don’t get worried if you think Rusev’s really going away because we’re willing to bet he’s just trolling fans once again because it’s so much fun for him. However, for all we know they could be jetting off to Bulgaria for some Total Divas related events so there might be some validity to his statement. But from the looks of it Rusev is just having a little fun at the skeptic’s expense once again.

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