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WWE Smackdown results 1/29/15: Bryan vs. Kane, Triple H to make an announcement

WWE Smackdown
January 29, 2015
Hartford, CT

Opening segment

Triple H comes out to open the show.

Triple H jokingly says “welcome to Monday Night Raw.” He talks about this “wacky, epic” snowstorm and talked about having to cancelling Raw. He said WWE doesn’t like to be told what to do and for the first time Raw emanated from Stamford, CT. He said a lot of people said they couldn’t get a million subscribers for the WWE Network but he said that they indeed have 1 million subscribers. He tells all subscribers “thank you.” He said they said they couldn’t do a show in Hartford which is why he’s here to say “welcome Hartford to Thursday Smackdown live!”

He said it’s been a controversial week and there’s also controversy surrounding the NFL. He said the NFL and Roger Goodell have a problem with their balls. He said some guys like the balls soft and some hard. He said WWE has never had a problem with balls and unlike Roger Goodell who does nothing when there’s controversy, WWE reacts. He said he will deal with a current problem named Sting. He said he will go face to face with the problem and he will resolve it.

He said the Royal Rumble event was spectacular. Fans booed. Triple H said that the triple threat match was one of the greatest matches he’s ever seen. Fans clapped and cheered. He said Cena proved that he is the past and Rollins proved that he is the man and Brock proved that he is the beast and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said the problem was the Rumble match itself.  Fans booed. He said when the match was over that building was rumbling and people were going crazy and the next day it got worse with everyone talking about it and it was all over the news. He said if you don’t know then he’ll show everyone. They showed the end of the Rumble match from Sunday. Triple H said he will put an end to the controversy on Raw. He said he’ll make an announcement that will shake the WWE Universe to it’s core. Roman Reigns comes out through the crowd.

Roman says he doesn’t see any controversy and he won the Royal Rumble match. Fans boo. He says that means he’s going to WrestleMania. Triple H asks if he’ll win this one. Big Show comes out so we have a match coming up.

Commercial break.

WWE Network commercial plugging the free trial for new subscribers. Vince McMahon will appear later to talk about it.

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

There were some boos but there were some cheers for Roman too with some “lets go Roman” chants. Slow moving match as you would expect. Roman knocked Show out of the ring and they went to commercial. Big Show was on offense when they returned from commercial. There was a really awkward spot with Show locking in a leg lock on Roman with Roman’s hands on the ring floor. Roman gets to the ropes and gets to the top rope and uses his momentum to pull Show over the top rope with his feet. Roman did some of his trademark moves with the running boot to the face, Samoan drop, etc. There were light “lets go Roman” chants but there were also boos from the crowd. Show countered the Superman punch with a chokeslam. Pin attempt. 2 count. Show goes up to the top rope, Roman catches him with the Superman punch. Show doesn’t go down so he hits another punch. Roman slams him off the top rope and then spears Show and gets the pin. Winner: Roman Reigns.

Cole said that one way for Roman to silence critics is to win and win big like he did tonight.

Vince McMahon is shown (probably taped in Stamford) says we’re in the fast lane on the road to WrestleMania. Then he plugs the free February trial for new subscribers of the WWE Network.

They show the casket for tonight’s main event.

Commercial break.

They showed a “did you know?” fact saying that they are the most popular YouTube sports channel. So in this case they are considering themselves “Sports.” Then they re-aired the Arnold Schwarzenegger HOF video that aired on Raw.

Seth Rollins segment

Seth Rollins comes out with J&J Security. He says he proved at the Rumble just how good he is. He said he was one second away from pinning John Cena and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He said he stuck a dagger and broke Brock Lesnar’s ribs. He still has the future (MITB case) firmly within his reach, he says. He said he’s feeling so good that he’s issuing an open challenge to anybody in the entire building who thinks they are even half the man that he is. Ryback takes the challenge and comes out. So it’s Ryback vs. Seth Rollins. J&J attack Ryback and then Rollins takes advantage. 3 on 1 now on Ryback. Erick Rowan’s runs down to the ring.Rollins kicks Rowan in the head and then contines his attack on Ryback. Here comes Dolph Ziggler and he attacks Rollins but Ziggler gets rammed into the announce table. Ryback catches Rollins and almost hits shell shock but gets away. J&J and Rollins get away.

They show Kane in the basement of the arena with a casket. He asks if Daniel Bryan even knows what happens in a casket match. He explains what he’ll do to Daniel Bryan in this match. He asks god to have mercy on Bryan’s soul because “the devils favorite demon will not.”

John Cena addresses Rusev later tonight. The Usos come out for their match. Actually it will be Jey Uso. Naomi is there too.

Commercial break.

Tyson Kidd vs. Jey Uso

Natalya and Cesaro are at ringside. Tyson picked up the win. Short match. They are setting up a match between The Usos against Kidd and Cesaro for Fast Lane.

They go back to Kane and the casket. Cole says they will end their rivalry once and for all. Cena is coming up next.

Commercial break.

Rusev/John Cena confrontation

Rusev was in the ring when they came back from commercial. Rusev and Lana are angry at the outcome of the Royal Rumble. He says he is the most dominant Superstar and only undefeated Superstar and your United States Champion. “USA” chants. He says the chants don’t give him Lesnar. He says they give him a man with no title, a man from the past, John Cena. He says Cena has no hunger and no desire and Cena is not the Superstar that he is and Cena is a loser. He says Cena doesn’t belong in the ring with him. Here comes Cena. Cena says that he and the WWE Universe don’t always see eye to eye but says they will agree when he says that Rusev needs to shut his mouth before he shuts it for him. He says Rusev needs a lesson in respect and ever since he’s been in WWE Rusev has crushed everything in his path and has made the biggest mistake in his life. He says “I’m John Cena.” He says he had a championship before Rusev had pubes and Lana had boobs. He tells him to “dance Monkey” and we’re doing the “Hartford ho down.” He wants to fight Rusev right now. Lana tells Rusev not to waste his time. He said he will fight Rusev at Fast Lane and will beat him at Fast Lane. He ends with “the champ is here.” Rusev and Lana walk up the ramp.

Paige vs. Nikki Bella announced for Fast Lane. The Bellas interrupt Paige’s interview backstage. They make fun of Paige for being so pale. Nikki says she looks like a blood sucking vampire. Paige hits Nikki with an elbow but the twins attack. Nikki knocks down Paige with a forearm.

Commercial for Austin’s podcast this Monday on the WWE Network.

Commrcial break.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Ascension

Before the match started they showed a pre-taped promo from The Ascension. They talked about beating the Outlaws on Sunday and said they will beat Stardust and “Oldust” tonight. Goldust was a little bothered because he wanted to start the match but he agreed to let Stardust start instead. The Ascension dominated for a few minutes until Stardust was finally able to tag out. Goldust cleaned house and hit a nice scoop slam on Viktor. Stardust tagged himself in and Goldust was not happy. Konnor knocks Goldust off the apron and then they hit the Fall of Man. Konnor pins Stardust. Winners: The Ascension.

They show Kane and the casket again.

Commercial break.

They showed Justin Flom from SyFy’s Wizard Wars doing a magic trick. Alicia Fox, Summer Raw, Zack Ryder, and R-Truth were watching when Miz and Mizdow interrupted. He gives Miz an egg and tells him to put a hankerchief into an egg. Justin proves he has a real egg by breaking it on Miz’s forehead.

Bray Wyatt backstage promo. He says he fears nothing living or dead.

Kane brings the casket out for the main event, which is next.

Commercial break.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan (Casket Match)

Kane tried twice early on to get Bryan in the match. Kane was knocked into it early on but sat up quickly and then they went to commercial. They came back from break and Kane was on offense and tried to get Bryan into the casket but he got out before falling in it. Bryan got close to going in again a minute later but Bryan used his arms to pull hiimself up and use his legs to pull Kane in. Kane gets away thought. Bryan dives onto Kane from the top rope. Bryan tried again but was caught this time and rammed into the post and then Kane kicks him in the face and Bryan falls in the casket. Bryan fights with his legs and hands to keep the lid open. Bryan kicks Kane in the fae and gets out. Kane knocks down Bryan to the floor with a right hand. Commercial break. After the break Kane is on offense. Bryan mounts some offense with a running clothesline and kicks to the body. Kane goes after him but Bryan pulls the rope down causing Kane to fall outside of the ring. Bryan hits a running dive on Kane at ringside and a running dropkick on Kane near the barricade. Bryan gets up holding his neck. Bryan charges but Kane back body drops Bryan over the barricade. Kane then tosses Bryan on the announcers table. Kane grabs a chair.  He hits Bryan over the back with the chair twice. Back in the ring, Bryan fights back but gets chokeslammed. Bryan locks in the YES lock on Kane in the casket. Bryan closes the lid but Kane keeps it open with his arm. Bryan with kicks to the body on Kane but Bryan hits him with a right hand and gets out of the casket. Kane goes for a tombstone but Bryan reverses. Kane charges but Bryan moves, Kane back near the casket. Bryan with a running kick and knocks Kane in and closes the casket. Winner: Daniel Bryan

They remind everyone to watch Raw for Triple H’s announcement and then they show Daniel Bryan doing the YES chants as they go off the air.


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