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WWE SmackDown
January 20, 2023
Little Caesars Arena
Detroit, MI

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE SmackDown. As always, we will have results posted immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results. 

Tonight on WWE SmackDown: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs The Viking Raiders. The Brawling Brutes vs Imperium. WWE contract signing between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens for The Royal Rumble. All this and more!

Coverage begins at 8pm

The Bloodline arrived backstage. Sami Zayn went to fist bump Roman Reigns, but Reigns walked right by him. 

Michael Cole acknowledged the passing of Jay Briscoe and offered his condolences to his family

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre vs The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) (with Valhalla) in the first round of the SmackDown tag title contender's tournament

Erik made the tag to Ivar and  double-teamed Sheamus. Sheamus got a knee to the face of Ivar and McIntyre hit the Claymore on Erik. Sheamus hit Ivar with the Brogue kick and pinned him.


Sami Zayn told Roman Reigns that he noticed the greeting in the parking lot was frosty and wanted to know if everything is cool. Reigns said he saw how Zayn looked last week and asked him what's going on. Zayn said he was disappointed last week because he felt privileged to take care of Kevin Owens and just when he was ready to beat him, he had no idea The Usos were going to show up and he felt slighted. He keeps hearing how he's being used, and for a split second, but then paused and said it's all fine. Reigns told him to get out because he's not going to do this every week. Reigns said since when does he have to run his game plan by him. He told Zayn to go find Kevin or his own Bloodline.


Raquel Rodriguez said she will win The Royal Rumble

In ring interview: LA Knight

LA Knight said he is going to make Bray Wyatt question whether he should have come back or not, and at Royal Rumble, he's going to beat him in the Pitch Black match.

LA Knight vs Glenn Jones

LA Knight hit Jones with the stunner and pinned him. The Firefly Fun House appeared on the video screen. Bray Wyatt appeared in the Fun House and said he's back with his friends in the Fun House. Wyatt said Knight is the one who opened the door and whatever comes out of it is his problem.

Hit Row (Top Dolla and Ashanti Thee Adonis) (with B-Fab) vs Los Lotharios (Angel & Humberto) in the first round of the SmackDown tag title contender's tournament

All four were fighting outside the ring. Humberto and Adonis made their way back in. B-Fab grabbed his leg and Adonis rolled him up for the pin.


Braun Strowman said anybody that tries to get in his way from winning the Royal Rumble is going to get these hands

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In the ring

Charlotte Flair said if Sonya Deville has a problem with her, she needs to tell her face to face. Deville came out and said she deserves a title opportunity, but Charlotte doesn't think she's worthy because she doesn't see her as a star. Charlotte said she does see her as a star, but so is everybody else in the back. Charlotte said Deville got her shot and lost when she tapped out. Charlotte said Deville should try to win the Rumble, but if she wants to fight, she will fight her right now. Deville said no, as there is nothing in it for her unless she's willing to put her title on the line. Adam Pearce came out and asked what Deville was doing. Deville hit Flair from behind and left the ring. 


Paul Heyman told Roman Reigns that he did not like Sami Zayn from day one but he supported his vision for the island of relevancy. Heyman asked Reigns to take into consideration that it might be better as they're about to sign a contract to defend the title against Kevin Owens to have Zayn in the castle pissing out than out of the castle pissing in.

A vignette aired with Lacy Evans demonstrating the Cobra Clutch

The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) vs Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) in the first round of the SmackDown tag title contender's tournament

Holland hit a double underhook on Kaiser. Vinci caught Butch with a brainbuster outside the ring. Vinci made the tag to Kaiser and they hit the Imperium bomb on Holland and pinned him.


Paul Heyman told Sami Zayn that his tribal chief would like to see him


Shayna Baszler said she is not only going to eliminate everybody in the Royal Rumble, she is going to tear them apart limb by limb

Video package for RAW XXX aired


Karrion Kross said in one week, he will be stepping into the ring with Rey Mysterio. He said he will take out Mysterio and then take out the other 29 Superstars in the Royal Rumble.

Legado Del Fantasma (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) (with Santos Escobar & Zelina Vega) vs The Maximum Male Models (Mace & Mansoor) (with Maxxine Dupree) in the first round of the SmackDown tag title contender's tournament

Zelina Vega is on commentary and announced she will be in the Women's Royal Rumble. Wilde hit a DDT on Mansoor. Del Toro hit a missile dropkick on Mace. Wilde held Mace enabling Del Toro to kick him and pin him.


Roman Reigns told Sami Zayn that he has a temper and that's why he has people like the Wise Man to counsel that anger. He realizes now that Zayn wanted communication and to be part of the team. Zayn thanked him for his understanding. Zayn said he will always put what's best for the Bloodline first and whatever Reigns needs, he will do. Reigns told Zayn he needs to find the Usos and make sure the SUVs are in place and to call the pilot to make sure the jet is fueled up. They are going to sign the contract and get out of here. Zayn offered Reigns a fist bump and he accepted. When Sami was leaving, Heyman whispered thank you to Reigns.

In the ring

The Bloodline made their way to the ring to sign the contract. Reigns took a seat and put his feet on the table. Kevin Owens snuck up from behind and hit Solo Sikoa and gave Reigns a stunner. The Usos showed up and pulled Owens out of the ring and they began fighting. Owens gave both of them a superkick and threw them against the ringside barrier. He got back in the ring and gave Reigns a pop-up powerbomb through the table. Owens grabbed the contract from Paul Heyman and signed it. Sami Zayn showed up and got up on the ring apron as he stared at Owens. Owens threw the contract at Zayn and ran out of the ring.